How I organized my Pinterest

Anyone else have way too many pins? I know I cannot be the only person out there that has way more pins than I will ever utilize. Pretty much anyone with a Pinterest account (most likely) has this “problem”.   Just like Pinterest, itself, I have evolved, in how I organize it. I didn’t start using Pinterest right away when it first came out.  I didn’t know what it was.  I thought it was weird.  And then I got curious.  I caved.  I now…like many…have a Pinterest Problem. Seeing as how I didn’t really know what I was doing when […]

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When all else fails…COOKIES!!!

Oh my!  Could it be true?  Could my last post really be a month and a half ago???  I know I’m not the every-day-blogger, but that just seems like a long time. A lot has happened in that month and a half, so I’m not surprised that the blog got left out.  I will spare you the details, and just pick up like where I left off. I was “challenged” by a friend of mine to do a #write31days challenge.  Where I would publish a blog post every day for 31 days.  I accepted the challenge…over a week ago.  Who […]

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