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Chicken Burgers!!!

This is probably one of our go-to recipes that we kind of developed from another recipe. It’s the Fourth of July (2018) and it was different than any other one since I’ve been with my husband.  This is HIS first year not in RETAIL!!!  His position now has him doing different things and does not require him to be in the store, throwing stock!  So, he was home by 130 and we got to spend the afternoon AND evening together.  Normally, that is NOT the case. A few years back, I found this recipe for spinach parmesan chicken meatballs on Pinterest. […]

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Some Helpful Tips When You Know Someone Going Through Infant Loss

We are 10 months and 2 days since we experienced the single worst thing that’s ever happened to us. Never in a million years did I ever think we would be in the group of parents that have gone through this.  No one ever really does, I guess.  But especially when you have a near perfect pregnancy, you REALLY don’t expect it. I wanted to write a little bit of what helped (and frankly what didn’t) in the first few hours, days, and weeks of the loss of our son, Aaron. (These are MY own experiences, everyone is different.  So […]

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July 2018 Tupperware Opportunity Info

July 2018 Tupperware Opportunity. So as I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I am a Tupperware Consultant.  I am not as active as I was in the first 2.5 years (only because of my lifestyle getting busier and starting up my Virtual Assistant Veronica business), but I still believe in the product and when the deals are good, it’s hard to pass up sharing it. So this post is about the Tupperware Opportunity.  How to become a Tupperware Consultant.  And what’s all in it for YOU, if you decide to take the plunge. At the beginning of every sales month […]

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