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Introduction to “Trim Tuesdays”

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Ok, so I am sure you’ve heard of Transformation Tuesdays and I have participated in those on the social media networks.

Well we are planning a trip to the Keys this summer and I would like to trim up by then.  I really only have 10 pounds til my goal (and honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever get down to my goal weight) and I am sort of ok with that.  But I am not ok with how things still jiggle (that shouldn’t be jiggling).  And since I will be going to the Keys and probably be spending a lot of time in shorts and tank tops (a few years ago it would have been bathing suit and flip flops…sigh), I kinda wanna look my best.  I know I am going to want a lot of photos taken and yes, even be in some…gasp!

So, I introduce to you….du-du-du-daaaaa (pretend that was a superhero introduction tune)

“Trim Tuesdays”…

I am not able to get the exercise in like I had been able to the past year that I have been losing weight.  I am also not able to go to a gym.  So I will be finding ways to get my trim on here at the casa!  I know I have many mini-workouts pinned on Pinterest and I’m sure I will incorporate them.  I say “incorporate” because I have a problem following programs (I think it stems from my problem with being told what to do).

So toward the end of each month (until July…that’s when our trip is), make sure to check back for updates on how my trimming is going.  It has been one week since I gave myself first and second degree burns on my stomach (it was the colander’s fault…not mine) and it is still quite painful as the skin is starting to peel and the sores are still open and sensitive.  So there won’t be too many ab (crunching type movements) exercises for at least another week (at the most, I’m sure) but as soon as this boy is in bed, I’ll be picking up the weights for some arms, some legs, and some PLANKING!  I am excited to see what I can do.

The hard part is done…I’ve lost 45 pounds, this should be the easy part…right?


If you would like to see more of my Transformation Tuesday photos, you can find them on Instagram (feel free to follow me if you aren’t already) @theveronicablog and search #transformationtuesday.  I will also be posting my #trimtuesday photos each month starting at the end of this month!

Now to finish my green smoothie (2nd day of two clean(er) meals and one not as clean meal…hey, that’s good for me).

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