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I think…(that’s a lie, I know) I have the cutest kid in the whole entire world!

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I know I know, every mom thinks (knows) they have the cutest kid in the world.  And they do.  But I just have to share a snippet of why I think (know) my kid is the cutest.


Ayden is 2 years, 2 months, and 13 days old.  There are some days where he is definitely a TWO-YEAR-OLD!  But mostly, he’s just cute with a touch of the TWOs.  He’s been talking for quite some time, but I am just in awe at how much clearer it is getting.  I am also amazed at how much he understands.  I used to have to emphasize the key words of my instructions or explanations.  Now I just say them regularly and he understands!

For instance, if he sees something in the Jeep when I need him to get in his car seat, he gets distracted and then doesn’t want to get into his car seat, because he wants to play with whatever he has spied with his little eye.  Usually, I don’t mind him playing with whatever he’s found, but I need him to get in his seat so we can GO!  I’ll say, “sit in your seat, and you can play with the [whatever he saw].”  And he does it!  He gets in his seat, nicely and I reward him with the item.  (This works about 95% of the time!)  I just get so amazed that he listens and knows what I say!

Now, with all this talking, has come some of his key phrases.  You know, the things you hear millions of time throughout the day.  But I love his little voice and love that he is forming phrases AND that I actually know what he’s saying!!!  I really am his mom because I can understand him (most of the time)!

Now, all parents know (or find out, I should say) that our kids are mockingbirds.  This goes for words and actions!  It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad (only if you’re words or actions are bad).  But it always cracks me up when he does these “mockingbird” actions.  He will just say “like Mommy” or “like Daddy” whomever it is that he is copying.  (is that the right use of “whom”?  I consider myself to be good at grammar, but I think I confused myself just now…moving on!  A.D.D. you will not win!)

Take last night, I laid down on the floor, on my back with one knee bent and the other ankle crossed and resting on my knee.  Ayden saw this and laid down on the floor, “like Mommy” with this legs crossed too.  He laughs because he knows it makes me giggle when he copies me.  So…I conducted an experiment to see just how much he would copy me.  He amazes me at how intuitive he is.

As I am laying on the floor with my legs crossed, I switch my legs.  He switches his.  I do this back and forth a few times and so did he.  He even made sure he had the correct leg over the other, mind you.  Then I put one leg straight up and one down.  He does the same.  I switch them and so does he.  I put both legs straight up in the air…that’s right, he did it too.  Then I split my legs to the sides and SO DID HE!!!  I was shocked at how accurate he is.

Now, you experienced moms might chuckle at my amazement but remember, he’s my first kid so everything is amazing!  This is probably something he’s been able to do for a long time but I never thought to actually “test” it.  Anyway, we both had a good laugh.

I noticed this “like Mommy/Daddy” phrase quite a few months ago when we would walk the dogs.  If on the occasion that Berkley and I were home at the same time when the dogs needed to be walked, we would often all go as a family (one dog at a time though, usually as they get crazy when both of them are out at the same time).  I would push Ayden in the stroller and Berk would have the dog on the leash.  I would notice that Ayden was sitting forward in his stroller and waving his arm all over and saying “like Daddy.”  When I studied what he was doing, he was SWINGING his arm and saying “like Daddy.”  Because he was watching Berkley swinging his arm as he walked.  HA HA HA WHAT A GOOFBALL!!!

20140210-093946.jpg 20140210-094017.jpg

(yes, he is wearing two hats..have I mentioned his goofiness?)

He was saying “Dis?” and pointing to things when he wanted to know what they were.  He still does, from time to time, but now he points and says “right there.”  I just love how he says stuff.  It’s so stinking cute that it makes me pinch his cheeks together and give him kisses all over like I’m some sort of crazy person.  hmmm…maybe I am.

20140210-093835.jpg 20140210-093852.jpg

(fluff on his face)

I don’t know how many 2 year olds say “please” and “thank you” but I must say (brag) that Ayden is pretty good at it.  A few nights ago, we were watching Nemo (his firs time).  All of a sudden, he pops up and runs to the pantry, saying “cracker, please?” (more like “kah-kuh, peese?”).  Only, he’s not pointing to any of the cracker choices, he’s pointing at the peanut butter, Nutella, fluff, cereal section of the pantry.  In an effort to offer something with some sort of nutrition, I pickup the peanut butter?, “no no no, peese?”… Nutella? “no no no, peese?”…cereal? “NO NO NO, PEESE?!?”  Finally I pick up the marshmallow fluff and he delightedly says “cracker!!!”  I tell him it’s not a cracker and I’m not going to just give him fluff.  I tell him I will spread some on a cracker (yes, I know it’s not on the mom-of-the-year award list for toddler snacks, but with his eating habits, sometimes whatever he will eat, he will get, against my healthier efforts tho).  So, I spread a thin layer of fluff on a Belvita Brown Sugar & Cinnamon breakfast cracker.  (He ate almost two!)   As I hand him the cracker he says, “thank you” (pay-pyou) “you’re welcome” (can’t type the phonetic for that one, but it’s fairly close to the way it’s supposed to sound).  I’m still trying to explain to him that one person says “thank you” and the other person says “you’re welcome” but for now, I’ll take both and be proud!

(ok, this is the last one…no one want’s to read a year-long post about someone’s kid that isn’t their own)


“Watch George”

Ayden has taken to Curious George.  Thanks to the PBS Kids app on the iPad and iPhone and now we record them on the DVR.  And I must say that George is the among the least “annoying” shows to listen to and educationally and morally, I don’t mind him watching George.  This picture is just now while I am typing this post.  There is a TV that he is looking at.  I am at my (used to be) Dining Room table that has been pushed into the corner of the room and I now use as a “desk-like” contraption.  He is standing on his stool that he sets next to my chair.  He was eating yogurt, here (yes I have pix of that too) and asked to “watch George.”  Something that I hear often.  But, what I love about this picture (and it happens often) is that he leans on me while watching it.  I can do something that I want to do, he’s doing something that he wants to but we can still be in contact and I cherish it!

20140210-101637.jpg 20140210-102006.jpg 20140210-101958.jpg

one word…yogurt! (“ah-yoht”)

Ok, there are so many more cute things that he says that I will have to do another post.  I started making a list in my Blog Planner (post about THAT coming soon, very exciting) but I just don’t have enough room for all his cute phrases in the “post idea” section.  So I’ve started a Master List (what WHAT! a list).  Keep your eye out for things like “No, thanks” “Don’t cry” and “Booger…eew!”

I’d LOVE to hear the words, phrases, and other speaking developments you’re kids have had or are having!  Even the way they interpret words (before they figure out how to say it the right way).  Leave them in the comments below.  Aren’t babies amazing?!?

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