Happy Sister-Cousin Day!!!

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Say what??

Yes, today, March 3, is Sister-Cousin Day.

Brief back sorry.

My sister and I are half-sisters and second-cousins. (Before you start thinking what you’re thinking, my dad and her dad are first-cousins. No inbreeding). Ok, there’s the “Sister-Cousin” part covered. Now for the “Day.”

A few years ago, after Mother’s Day, my non-child having sister came to me bummed out that she didn’t have a day. Her then boyfriend (now hubby) has twin daughters and that’s about as close she is coming to being a mom. Anyhoo, she was sad because she didn’t have a “day.” So she had the idea of Sister-Cousin Day. I wasn’t a mom (yet. Found out I was pregnant 3 weeks after we celebrated our first SCD).

So, then it was made, Sister-Cousin Day on our half-birthday. Oh yeah, did I mention that we have the same birthday, eight years apart???

It’s just an extra excuse for me to send her flowers at work to help her feel special. Usually I order them. This year I was lucky enough to have her assistant pick them up and put them on her desk for me. So I got to make the arrangement this year.

If you can make up words, then you can make up holidays!


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