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“Did you quit your blog already?” I was asked.

Well…no.  I was all gung-ho about it, and then some things happened in my life that made me put it on the back burner.  Also, I was not in the mood to create or compose.

But I’m back!  And I’ve got things to post!

First of all, I have been getting questions about the smoothies and shakes I make.  I do not depend on them on a daily basis, but if I need something quick and easy, they are usually my go to.  And right now, they are a good excuse to try out my new blender (I got a Ninja!!!)


I am not a nutritionist or even a health expert.  This is just what I do.  Change it up how you like and enjoy!

Chocolate/PB Protein Shake (PS, all of these can be made with our without protein powder) (usually fills a 24 oz Tervis Tumbler)

1 c Almond milk (or whatever milk you like)

1 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder (I use Muscletech)

2 Tbsp PB2 (or regular peanut butter, if you choose)

1 ripe banana

and about 10-12 ice cubes

variation: Use Vanilla Protein instead of Chocolate.

                   Add 1/2 c strawberries to chocolate or white chocolate covered strawberry flavor.  (yum)

Now the ice cubes is where everything can change.  If you have larger ice cubes, you would put in less or your shake will be thick (leave it if you don’t mind it thick).  If your shake is too thick, add a little bit of water (or milk) and blend to incorporate.

Green Strawberry/Banana Smoothie  (usually fills a 24oz Tervis Tumbler, plus a little extra)

1/2 c Light ‘n Fit nonfat vanilla yogurt

4 oz of water

1-2 c of fresh (and rinsed) spinach


then add…

1 ripe banana

about 1/2 strawberries

1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder (again, we use Muscletech)

10-12 ice cubes

variations: add PB2 or peanut butter.

                    remove spinach.

                    changing spinach to kale.

                    remove spinach and add PB2 or peanut butter.

                     using Almond milk instead of water.

                     using Almond milk instead of yogurt (I tried this, but did not care for it because it was not creamy enough for my liking).

                     changing or adding different fruits.

These are my basic go-to shakes/smoothies.

Play and have fun!

Now, if anyone remembers, I had posted about how I was going to have a monthly post about Trim Tuesdays (my quest to trim up before our trip to The Keys at the end of July).  And if anyone can tell, there have been no Trim Tuesday posts!  That is because..yeah…like every other time I tried to create a plan to get fit…I failed!!!  That was around the time that things got a little crazy around here.  But I am here to tell you that I have finished my 13th day of my 8 week challenge.  June 1 marked 8 weeks away from our trip to The Keys.  It was not or never.  So on May 31, I sat down with a calendar that I had abandoned from another project (that didn’t pan out).  I planned out my next 8 weeks.  I signed up for my first 5k (I am NO runner) for October 4 and I need to make sure I stay on my C25k plan that I have never made past the first day of week 4.

As you can see it is color coded!!! I love when I can be organized. It has helped so far. And I am able to keep notes because this calendar is nothing but my fitness.

So far so good, I have been kinda working my butt off every day and using My Fitness Pal to help me stay in my calories.

I will be writing a post soon to detail my first 2 weeks of my 8 week journey and what workouts I’ve been doing.  Which ones I’ve liked and not liked.  And some other things I’ve learned about losing fat.

If you aren’t already and would like to have real-time updates on my new fitness life, you can follow me on Instagram @theveronicablog.  Also, “like” my page on Facebook.

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