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So, we’ve never been landscapers.  We’ve sorta tried a couple of times in the just-over-ten-years that we’ve lived here to having something nice looking out front of our house.  But it’s just never been a priority.  The only thing we’ve been able to successfully grow is pineapple plants and aloe.

Aloe grows like a weed btw…

Toward the end of the this last pregnancy, Berkley told me that while he was off work and home with the baby and me, he was going to try to do some landscaping out front of the house.  At the time, I rolled my eyes at the idea because we’ve never really been successful at finishing the project.  We start, but don’t finish.  And definitely don’t upkeep.  I am NOT a fan of watering, weeding, plucking, pruning, anything really that goes with growing plants.  I like the idea of it, but know better than to start.

I was going to grow an herb garden once…but that takes knowledge and maintenance…yeah that’s not me.

I was going to grow a couple of vegetables in a garden….oh the planning is so fun, but would be a waste of time to go through it all to then not be out there farming it up every day.

But this time was different.  Now being a few weeks after Aaron’s birth, Berkley brings up again his ideas (and asks for my input) on landscaping out front.

He’s thinking rocks, and I agree.

And all of a sudden we are at Home Depot buying that weed mat stuff and the next day we were laying it down.

After that, Berk headed to a local rock/stone business right around the corner from where we live (almost) and he picked up the larger stone that we would use on the outside edge.  Ayden helped, he handed the stone to Berk and he laid it.

Next would be the red rock to fill.  Normally, this might take us a week or who-know-how-long to do the next step.  But the next day, Berkley went to the rock place to pick it up.  After most of the morning and some of the early afternoon shoveling, filling, and smoothing (IN THE HOT), he had the fill rock laid.  It looked so good!

Ok…now here’s where it’s going to stay for weeks and weeks and we’re never going to move on.  And then it really hit me…we’re kinda doing this for Aaron.

Before we laid down the weed mat, Berk asked me what kind of plants I wanted.  I knew I wanted gardenia bushes.  My grandmother had them her house when I was YOUNG and always loved the smell.  Then while looking through Pinterest (my husband gave me a reason to…encouraged me to…even suggested I spend some time on Pinterest!!!) I decided I wanted to having a vining plant with flowers on it for the main focus of the house.  I was hoping for morning glories, but the nursery we bought the plants didn’t have any.  So we came home with this.

I’m not quite sure what it is, we didn’t ask the lady at the nursery.  Just for a pretty blooming vining plant and this is what she showed us.  It was on a small trellis, the larger trellis we added to it for it to grow!.  We also picked up some small gaillardia plants at the nursery.  We knew we wanted some shorter plants and we saw them and tough they were pretty.

We did things a little backwards.  But if we would have done them in the “right” order, I don’t know if we would have finished so quickly.  Having the rock in place really helped us visualize.  Even when we came home and were deciding where to put everything, we could visualize so much easier. So yes, we laid the rock THEN planted the pants.

But we didn’t end there. I don’t know how he found it, but Berkley found that Shutterfly prints on these garden stones. So we added this to our landscaping.

And I have had zero problems with weeding, watering, plucking and such.  If only I could get a good picture at night with the solar light shining on Aaron’s stone.

We love you baby and you’re always here with us.





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