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From terror to ease…I joined a gym…

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So anyone who follows me on Instagram and/or is friends with me on Facebook saw that I joined Planet Fitness last week.  I posted that I did something terrifying!


After the birth of our second son, I have not been able to get myself in gear to lose the pregnancy weight (aka cookie and ice cream weight).  My husband is very encouraging in helping me get healthier.

While I was on “maternity leave” I had gotten into a good rhythm.  After dropping Ayden off at school, I would come home and take Fiona (aka Crazy Dog) for a mile walk, drop her off at home, and then go for another minimum of 2 miles.  I was just getting ready to start some weight training into that and do some of my old workouts, when I needed to go back to work.

In my mental state (if you’re new to, you can click here to see what caused my mental state), I was’t ready to work at night.  I needed very much to be home with my husband and son.  So, I worked just during the hours that Ayden was in school.  Which meant that my morning walks/workouts were gone!  And I was just too tired to do it in the evening.  Not to mention that there was no time in the afternoon/evening before Berkley and I went to bed.  Another thing that I have needed to do is to go to bed with Berkley (when we’re both home).  Priorities changed after what we experienced with Aaron.

Slowly, I worked back into my Tupperware business and working more/various hours at work and just like that, life got back busy again.  Before Aaron, I would stay up past midnight working on business things or watching TV.  So I had even lost that time and trying to fit EVERYTHING into just a few hours in the afternoon/evening after school and before bed was too much and not leaving any time for exercising.

Berkley would keep asking me when I was going to workout and to give him my plan.  And I just wouldn’t stop what I was doing to workout.  Even if I didn’t work while Ayden was in school, I would not put myself first and exercise.  I would work on Tupperware, clean, or run errands.

He kept asking me if I wanted to join a Gym.






Gyms cost money.  Yes there is a $10/month gym in town, but that $10 a month can be better spent.  I lost weight at home before, I can do it again (40 pounds after Ayden was born by just tracking food in My Fitness Pal and walking, but I wasn’t working or have my own Tupperware business).  I was always very adamant about NOT joining a gym.  The aforementioned reasons AND I could feel an anxiety attack coming on at the thought of walking into a gym.  Even one that says they have a “no judgement zone” (I call BS was my first thought)

People will see that I don’t know what I’m doing.

They will think I’m dumb.

I won’t be able to workout as hard as I can at home where I can grunt, yell, and roll around on the floor after a good workout.

The morning I told Berkley I would sign up, I was ANGRY!  While getting Ayden ready for school (I would be going to the gym after I dropped him off), I saw EVERYTHING in the house that needed to be done.  The floors needed to be vacuumed and tile mopped.  The laundry needed to be washed, dried, folded, and put away.  The kitchen counter was a mess, dirty dishes in the sink and the dinner table was cluttered.  Not to mention that my desk is in a MAJOR need of an overhaul.  Tupperware business needs some organization.  Delivery sitting in the box by the door needs to be bagged and delivered…the boring list went on.  With each task I noticed, I got more angry about joining the gym.

I even texted Berkley warning him that it just doesn’t make any sense for me to go to the gym.  The drive time is a WASTE!  And I won’t get home until an hour AFTER I would finish a workout at home.  And that Fiona wouldn’t get a walk (she NEEDS a daily walk).  He told me it would be fine and he would walk Fiona (even after working a super early/long shift at work).

Begrudgingly, I went to the gym after dropping Ayden off at school.  Almost pulling into the gym parking lot, I texted a friend I knew was on vacation, telling her what I was doing.  She made the mistake of saying she wanted to join a gym too.  She had a few excuse but after waiting 40 minutes in the parking lot, we signed up together.

And I am proud to say that today ended a week and a half that I have been going to the gym and I have been 8 times!  EIGHT OUT OF ELEVEN DAYS!!!!!  AND I LOVE IT!!!!!

I used to be a member of the YMCA more than 14 years ago and I remember dreading working out, felt like the time dragged on, and I never went consistently enough to see any improvement. Plus it was nearly 70 pounds ago when I “thought” I was fat.

I can confidently say with 100% assurance that I LOVE and look forward to working out!!!

Stay tuned for the new toy I got to go with my workouts!!!  YEEE

2 thoughts on “From terror to ease…I joined a gym…

  1. That’s awesome! It is hard to start, but once you get into a routine it becomes second nature and you’ll want to go. I found for myself that working out has helped me mentally even more than physically. Plus, it’s so nice that you have a supportive husband!

    1. The anxiety of walking through the doors literally almost kept me from going in. But as soon as I was signed up, I was all good. And so far I am still looking forward to going. I wear a heart rate monitor which really helps my motivation. Seeing the proof of a good workout. Thank you for the comment!!!

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