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Saturday Catch-up

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Well hello all!  It’s been quite a while since my last post.  (Not a surprise, you could probably see that at the top of many-a-post of mine). Anyhoo!

Current situation…Full belly (pancakes and bacon with the hub and kid), sitting on the couch with the natural light coming the window, light breeze from the fan, and my feet soaking in epsom salt and a fancy shower gel my mother-in-law got me for Christmas.

Yes, you read that right, I am SOAKING MY FEET IN AS HOT AS I COULD MAKE IT WATER!!! And after my 30 minutes are up, I’m giving myself a pedicure (maybe a manicure, haven’t decided yet).  And did I mention that it’s quiet in the house???  Hub and son are outside mowing the grass.  Dogs are taking their mid-morning nap (who am I kidding, they nap all day, especially the old boy).  I don’t have any TV or music on.  NOTHING. I just hear the bugs buzzing loudly outside, the hum of the mower and the quiet blowing from the fan.  And it is glorious!!!

So what’s been going on with you since I last posted (ahem…December 10th…roughly about 7 months ago)???

A few things have changed in our household.  In early January, my hub was promoted to Assistant Store Manager at Publix (a LONG LONG awaited accomplishment).  He was commuting 45minute-an hour each way.  That was the only stinky part.  And then, probably the best career news for him came when he was sort-of-promoted to a different position, called a Merchandiser.  He went from working 50+ crazy hours (weekend, late nights, 14+ shifts, early mornings, and everything in between) to working M-F during the day.  That’s right folks, after nearly 20 years of working “retail” hours, my husband has NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS OFF!!!!!

(The kid just came inside and is trying to put his feet in my soaking bucket…#momlife.  Lol)

Oh yeah…so we are in our 3rd weekend of him being off and I LOVE IT!!  It feels like we actually have a “normal” family life!  He’s home every night for dinner too.  It’s early early mornings for him, but the payoff is SWEET!

And besides that, I guess other news is…I started my own Virtual Assistant business. ( Now me starting a business (or at least having a business idea) isn’t anything new.  In 2010ish, I tried my hand at selling soy candles and jewelry (yes, direct sales) and failed miserably.  Before that, I created and started a scrapbook business (custom scrapbooks, gifts, and such).  Yeah, not so much of a need (or financial demographic) for that kind of business in little Port Charlotte.  Then in 2015, I started selling (and still do) Tupperware.  That was by far, the most successful one!  But I’d say I think that the Virtual Assistant business will be the one to beat them all!  I still have some more room in my schedule to take on more clients, so if you’re reading this and need or know someone who might need a VA, send them my way! <——-legit LLC and everything!

(15 minutes in to my foot soak and I’m loving this).  Why is this such a big deal?  Well, usually I’m having to (or feeling like I have to) clean.  I’ve always tried to make Fridays cleaning days so I could just relax on Saturdays.  I had a good routine of that before the kid went to PreK.  I was usually off every Friday and could get that done.  Then when he went to PreK, I usually worked for a couple hours while he was in “school” and my motivation is not so good in the afternoon after I’ve worked in the morning.  So my routine kinda went down the drain.

The life of a dog


And since we’ve been on summer break (now between K and 1st grade), I thought I could get back into that routine.  Nope!  It’s taken me like 3 weeks (or 4, idk, I’ve lost track of summer break time) to get cleaning done on Friday.  But I stuck to my guns and I’m so glad I did.  Now it’s guilt-free relaxation time!

My next goal is to do some fun stuff with the kid before he goes back to school in August.  We have plenty of time.  But I find myself staying busy with “my” stuff (house, dogs, working on my business, etc) that the poor kid is probably bored.

Moms, give me some ideas that are not too expensive, and not a long time outside (it’s hot here in Florida…like 134 degrees kinda hot, slight exaggeration).

I’ve got some fun things planned for my blog, however so you’ll want to stay tuned… 😉

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