My family

In 2003, I started dating this guy named Berkley.  In 2007, we married.

In 2008, we started our family, by bringing home these awesome little “bear cubs.”

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Two rottweiler puppies, Gus and Gabi.

(Sadly in 2015 we had to lay our sweet Gabi to rest, and Gus just turned 10 in 2018)

In March of 2017, we took in this nearly 2 year old pup, we named her Fiona.  We call her Doofus.



In 2011, we welcomed another member to our family.


Ayden, born 11/28.  And here he is at…2!


And now he’s 6 1/2.

On 09/02/2017, our lives would never be the same.  We welcomed and said good-bye to our 2nd child, a son. We named him Aaron Lucas.  We did not know anything was wrong until he was born.  For some reason he wouldn’t breathe.  Despite hospital staff best efforts to get air in him, it couldn’t be done.



Up until Ayden was born, I worked as a manager for Publix.  11/28/2011, I became a SAHM and never looked back.  However, September 2013, we made the decision for me to go back to work.  Only this time, I am working part time, instead of 50+ hours per week.

And until June 2018, my Berkley worked the 50+ crazy hours (in retail) to help make sure I can stay home and raise our boy.  It wasn’t easy cutting out income in half when Ayden was born, but we are making it work.  We’ve learned a lot and have made some changes.  He still works a lot, but it’s M-F days, something we’ve never experienced in our 20 years of Publix career.  We have a happy home and that’s what is most important.


Wife…Mother…Infant Loss Survivor…

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