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Chicken Burgers!!!

This is probably one of our go-to recipes that we kind of developed from another recipe. It’s the Fourth of July (2018) and it was different than any other one since I’ve been with my husband.  This is HIS first year not in RETAIL!!!  His position now has him doing different things and does not require him to be in the store, throwing stock!  So, he was home by 130 and we got to spend the afternoon AND evening together.  Normally, that is NOT the case. A few years back, I found this recipe for spinach parmesan chicken meatballs on Pinterest. […]

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Avocado Ranch Dressing

I am not very experienced in the making of homemade dressings.  I have experimented with the oil/vinegar types that we put sliced cucumbers and tomatoes in.  I have done different variations of that, but it’s pretty simple.  And I just put different flavors (or the same) to get the taste I want.  But for something like a ranch dressing, I had no idea what to do.  So of course, I looked to Pinterest.  Then I remembered that Clinton Kelly on The Chew mentioned that he had a recipe on their website.  So that’s where I got my main idea.  I […]

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Woohoo, something healthy(ish)

In an effort to try to clean up my eating a little bit, I decided to take the plunge and try to make those egg “muffin” thingies I see all over Facebook and Pinterest.  Now I have made some in the past, but they were mini ones with just egg and cheese for my tiny tot.  He ate some that day, but not any of the reheated leftovers, so I haven’t made any more since then. But I eat leftovers so I made some for me.  And if he eats any of that…bonus!!! I saw a friend post her bacon […]

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