The 12 Posts of Christmas #4

Welcome back to the Christmas collaboration From J to Z and I find ourselves in.  Here’s the 4th Post of Christmas



Here we are, 13 days away from Christmas Day!!!  So that means I only have 12 days until I need to have everything done (since we celebrate with the big family on the Eve).  And finally today…TODAY, I started my Christmas crafts.  One of those crafts was this terracotta pot candy jar that has been stalking me on Pinterest.  Maybe it’s the other way around…moving on!

Well, I finally decided to get the stuff and actually make it.  That’s a huge step for me because even the most simple projects become “too much work” for me if I think about really making it.

I was going to just make one, and if it was easy enough, make them for the rest of the family.  It is easy, but I don’t know if I have time.  The nice thing is, if I decide to do that…I can do it fairly late as I did this little cutie just this morning.


Here’s what you are going to need.  A terracotta pot with saucer (I got this one at Home Depot, Hobby Lobby didn’t have the right size), a glass bowl, paint color of your choice, ribbon of your choice, a wooden round drawer pull, a paint brush, and glue!  (optional, buttons)

I used this opportunity to get myself a new (bigger and better) glue gun!  Thank you to the 40% coupon at the LOB!  But if I do this project again, I might get myself a very strong non-hot glue (one post says to use E-6000 (I was going to link it, but I didn’t pin it and can’t find it)).  And I’ll tell you why.  After I painted the pot, I glued the drawer pull to the saucer, and after it dried, I picked it up to see if it was going to hold, and it didn’t stick!  I stuck that with Gorilla super glue that I had laying around.  And THEN, when I tried to glue the bowl to the pot, it took me 3 times to get it to stick.  The hot glue cooled too fast before I could get the bowl placed right.  The third time seems to be the charm.  I also hot glued the ribbon so that’s also squeezed glue between the pot and the bowl.

This is a pretty self explanatory craft.  Paint…glue…tie…fill…VOILA!


In other news…Ayden and I put up his very first Christmas tree in his new big boy room.  Yes, my son is 3 (just barely) and I am just transitioning his room.  In my defense!!!  He has never tried to climb out of his crib and…well…I’ve been avoiding it.  Both for financial reasons and procrastination reasons.  BUT, it’s done now (sorta kinda).  So, all in this afternoon, I replaced the front panel of his bed for a bed rail, took out the glider and put down a reading/blanket/stuffed animal fun corner, and put up his little tree (that I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby last year).  And I think waiting longer helped his transition to freedom.  I’m pretty sure he never got out of bed (and I left his tree on when I left).

_MG_7873 _MG_7913 _MG_7883 _MG_7880 _MG_7916


Now, in case you missed it, head back to From J to Z and check out what she made for $4!!!  IMG_0413.JPG

Who do you think you are???

Well, who do I think I am? I’m so excited that the 2nd season of Who Do You Think You Are? is on TLC.

If you haven’t heard about it, each episode is about a celebrity finding out their genealogy. I am fascinated by family history and would love to be able to trace mine past my grandparents.

One of my great-uncles on my mother’s mother’s side has kept track of her family and has published a book for the family called The Branches and Twigs. I also know that an aunt on my father’s side has kept track of some family tree information on his side.

My mother's parents

My mother’s parents (I know there is German and Dutch there)


Father's parents (it was their 61st wedding anniversary on that day).  German and Danish

Father’s parents (it was their 61st wedding anniversary on that day). German and Danish


My parents

(Why the almost 7-year-old wedding pictures?  Well, they were the nicest and most recent of all my family with me).

What I want to do is to be able to travel to the locations of my ancestors’ records. That’s what they do on the show.  They start on and search the family member they want to research.  Once they get some information (like a census or something) then they usually will go to the location of the census or whatever document/information they found.  It’s kind of hard to explain, but it is a really good show and I would definitely suggest checking it out.

Over the past five years or so, I’ve signed up for a three free trials for   I’m not trying to use them, I just can’t justify adding the monthly fee to our expenses since I can’t seem to get too terribly far (maybe I could, if I had more than a month, haha).  But in my last endeavor, I could get as far back as my father’s father’s parents.  They both have “leaf hints” but I can’t get any more information since I am not in a membership.  {sad face}

Sometimes I sit and daydream about what it would be like to go back in time.  To go back and see what it was like way back when.  When there were no computers, no phones, no TVs.  When life was in black and white.

Who are my ancestors?

What did they do?

What did their neighborhoods look like?

What hobbies did they like to do?

What personalities did they have?

What goals and wishes did they have?

What struggles did they face?

What did they overcome?

What were their names?

What were their favorite foods?

What color were their eyes?


What did they look like?

What languages did they speak?

Did they have any pets?

What were their names?

What were their cultures like?

I know most of these questions will never be answered, but this breaks the surface of what I would like to find out.

What I do know…

I have some German, some Danish, and some Dutch blood running through these veins.  But, I want to know more!

Another reason this is all so interesting to me is I am fascinated by nationalities and the cultures/traditions that go along with them.  Ask any of my ethnic friends and they will tell you.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Greek, Italian, Hispanic…I get sucked in.

This is why it was exciting for me to learn how to make the Danish Kringlers like my Great-grandmother (Dad’s side) used to make.  Brief explanation here.  I thought I had made a blog post about the day I learned how to make them, guess not.  But I will be soon!

Four generation with my son, my mother, and her parents.  I knew this was important to do at the time, but it didn't hit me just how important, until I lost my grandfather only about a year and a half after this picture was taken.

Four generation with my son, my mother, and her parents. I knew this was important to do at the time, but it didn’t hit me just how important, until I lost my grandfather only about a year and a half after this picture was taken.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thinking about all of this, I am going to need to start getting things together for Ayden.  In case one day he wants to know anything.  It might take me that long to get it all together, but I’m sure I’ll be glad I did.

How about you, do you know much about your family tree?  Who…do you think YOU are?

My First…First Aid Kit

I’m actually not sure if this is a “first aid kit” or just a way to organize my mess of first aid components.

IMG_0143I didn’t take a picture of all of this mess under my bathroom sink because, well, ain’t nobody wanna see that!  Just know that it was both in and around the designated drawer for first aid things.  I also found that I had a full big box of band-aids that I didn’t know I had.  So there was more than one reason for creating this First Aid Kit.

  1. To Organize my first aid stuff.
  2. To have something quick to grab if we go on a trip or something.

Ok, so I guess there were just two reasons.  BUT they are both very good reasons.  I do love a good organization project.  And we are going down to The Keys this weekend and I figured I can just grab this kit and take it with us, instead of grabbing a few band-aids and the Neosporin.  Not like I plan on someone getting hurt, but better safe than sorry.

So as you can see from the picture up top, I had a mess.  I also went through the safety kits that I had gotten for Ayden when he was a baby and merged the items with this first aid kit.  I separated the items into piles and then got out small zip top baggies (from the craft store) and put the items in the bags.


Maybe one of my favorite parts was to use white mailing labels that I had on hand and a red Sharpie pen and I got to labeling.

Finished product looked like this.

IMG_0159IMG_0160Now I WAS planning on using the diaper wipe container.  Because it was white and I WAS going to put a red cross on the top with Washi tape.  BUT the stuff didn’t come close to fitting.  I could have make a “mini” kit in the wipe container.  But that would have defeated the purpose of having everything in one container.

Also, I really wanted to use a fishing tackle box like this…



BUT, I needed to find something that didn’t cause me to spend any money.  So I found the basket in my scrapbook room and shoved everything into it.  Maybe in the future I can update it to a tackle box.  I get way too excited about the separate compartments to NOT have one…one day.  Plus the fact that my husband is a fishes and it would just make sense!  I will be keeping my eye out for something cheap…err..uh…inexpensive!

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