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July 2018 Tupperware Opportunity Info

July 2018 Tupperware Opportunity. So as I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I am a Tupperware Consultant.  I am not as active as I was in the first 2.5 years (only because of my lifestyle getting busier and starting up my Virtual Assistant Veronica business), but I still believe in the product and when the deals are good, it’s hard to pass up sharing it. So this post is about the Tupperware Opportunity.  How to become a Tupperware Consultant.  And what’s all in it for YOU, if you decide to take the plunge. At the beginning of every sales month […]

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A few more firsts this week

Well…this concludes another week of firsts for me. Sunday was my first in-home Tupperware party.  And not only that, but I had two, one at 11am and one at 2pm.  I survived, whew! This was also my first week back to work.  I worked Monday-Friday during the hours that Ayden was in school. My first encounter with a customer (that as I walked up that first day I thought how I wasn’t ready to see a couple customers).  And he was one of those that I wasn’t ready to see.  But he came looking for me.  I was so glad […]

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Some days are normal, some days mess with my head.

You always hear things like “he/she has good days and bad days” when referring to how someone is coping after a tragedy or something.  And you believe them, doesn’t always sound cliche, so you usually don’t think too much of it. But it’s true. Some days I feel pretty much normal.  I might have a sad moment or tear up, maybe have a good cry. And then there are a few days, like my yesterday, that total eff with my head. I can’t seem to collect my thoughts, I feel anxious, I can’t make decisions, I don’t know what I […]

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